The global reach you need from the local firm you trust

Our Vision: Globalaw aims to be recognized as a leading global network for providing the clients of its member firms excellent, personalized legal services.

Our Mission: To provide an effective platform to seamlessly address and meet global client needs thanks to a personal and collaborative relationship among selected and high quality firms throughout the world.

Globalaw exists to create from its members a family of law firms dedicated to offering an excellent service globally to their clients.

Created in 1994 and owned by its members, it is itself a non-profit making organisation.

Globalaw has grown steadily and smartly and numbers more than 77 law firms located in 58 countries with over 3,000 lawyers, making it one of the most global of all legal networks. Most countries excluding the largest jurisdictions such as the USA, China and India have only one member firm, so membership is exclusive, sought after and valued.

The network is made up of recognised medium-sized law firms that deliver a full-service offering. Many are leading firms in their jurisdiction.

All member firms are recommended and carefully vetted before joining Globalaw.

Our Approach

Globalaw is a busy, active and exciting network that is constantly evolving.

It has grown steadily and smartly over 25 years with a determined focus on quality rather than quantity. As such we have 63 different legal jurisdictions covered, making us one of the most global of legal networks. With one firm per jurisdiction, our member firms care more. For example, we have 9 large-excellent regional firms covering the USA, not over 50 firms in that country as in some other networks.

Globalaw enjoys and leverages strong personal relationships. We work hard to make people feel welcome within our network and our members work hard to deliver quality service and to provide global solutions. Clients receive relationship lawyering, value for money service and practical solutions to their problems. Our firms are integral to their business community. We are able therefore not just to resolve legal issues, but to introduce our clients to genuine business opportunities all around the world. We are able to coordinate large numbers of firms and lawyers, if necessary, to handle large and complex transactions. We have loyal and dedicated member firms in places where the large global firms do not have offices and have to outsource.

Every year, both regional and global meetings are held around the world to allow Globalaw lawyers to share their expertise, discuss business opportunities for their respective clients and above all get to know each other personally through networking and social events. Such relation building is vital for establishing global connections which will aid them in better serving their clients. Our annual 3 regionals and one annual general meetings focus on business development. We invite leading counsel to attend and speak at our meetings and our clients. We are interested in the practical, the issues that make businesses tick. We introduce innovation into our network to provide our members and clients with a real commercial advantage.

There are numerous “business initiatives” that bring together lawyers practicing in specialist areas or sectors. These lawyers meet by conference call, webinars or in person, with the aim to promote and expand the scope of services they can offer their clients globally.

If you have need of counsel anywhere in the world, please contact your local member firm. If there isn’t one you will find that firms in neighbouring countries will usually be able to locate a good firm for you whilst we seek a member there ourselves. You may also contact our Secretariat.