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Board of Directors

As of 28 October 2017, the Directors of the Board of Globalaw, for the 2018 term, as approved, appointed and elected by the Membership Committee and henceforth the members at the Annual Members Meeting held at One Whitehall Place in London, UK are:

  • Marco Bolognini
    Marco BologniniPRESIDENT

    MAIO Legal
    Region: European

  • Thomas Aardenburg
    Thomas AardenburgTREASURER & CHAIR OF THE FC

    Soliana, Bonapart & Aardenburg
    Region: Americas

  • Bryan C. Birkeland

    Jackson Walker L.L.P.
    Region: Americas

  • Georg Umbricht LL.M.
    Georg Umbricht LL.M.VP & CO-CHAIR OF THE SC

    Umbricht Attorneys
    Region: European

  • William D. Taylor
    William D. TaylorCHAIR OF THE SC

    Hanson Bridgett LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Peter Brown
    Peter BrownChair of the MC

    Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Michael Hatchwell
    Michael HatchwellCHAIR OF THE PC

    Gordon Dadds LLP
    Region: European

  • Oliver Foerster
    Oliver FoersterVICE CHAIR OF THE PC

    Huth Dietrich Hahn
    Region: European

  • Julia M.I. Holden-Davis
    Julia M.I. Holden-DavisCHAIR OF THE BDC

    Region: Americas

  • Chiyu Abo
    Chiyu AboBoard Member

    Chuo Sogo Law Office
    Region: Asia Pacific

  • Alexandra Pelaghias – Christodoulou
    Alexandra Pelaghias – ChristodoulouBoard Member

    Pelaghias, Christodoulou
    Vrachas LLC

    Region: European

  • Andre de Almeida
    Andre de AlmeidaBOARD MEMBER

    Almeida Advogados
    Region: Americas

  • Arthur Shay
    Arthur ShayBOARD MEMBER

    Shay & Partners
    Region: Asia Pacific

  • Bahar Ulgen
    Bahar UlgenBoard Member

    Bener Law Office Region: European

  • Oussama Fraikech
    Oussama FraikechBoard Member

    Fraikech Associés
    Region: European

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek SharmaBoard Member

    Link Legal
    Region: Asia Pacific

  • David DeBenedetti
    David DeBenedettiBoard Member

    DeBenedetti Majewski Szczesniak
    Region: European

  • Katarina Kresal
    Katarina KresalBoard Member

    Law firm Miro Senica and attorneys, Ltd.
    Region: European

  • Mauricio Pinzon
    Mauricio PinzonBoard Member

    Pinzon Pinzon & Asociados
    Region: Americas

  • Clay Hix
    Clay HixAdvisory Board Member

    Hill, Farrer & Burrill LLP
    Region: Americas