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Success stories

The following are examples of cases on which Globalaw firms have assisted their clients globally. These are some of the hundreds of cases that Globalaw firms have recently acted and teamed as co-counsel.

Aspen Pharma acquires 3 drugs from GSK for €1bn - England and 18 European Globalaw jurisdictions

Our English member (Gordon Dadds London (GD)) acting for Aspen Pharma (Aspen) was instructed by its GC to assist with preparation of a due diligence report covering 18 Globalaw European member firms during a 6 month due diligence exercise.  The deal room was populated regularly over the due diligence period. The report was delivered on time.

GD developed templates with the client for reporting, GD coordinated deal room access, monitored data dumps, offered Aspen a central billing system so all firms billed GD and so Aspen received bills from GD only, an over-riding retainer letter was agreed with all firms, GD centralised all communications.   Our Paris-based French member firm (Ngo, Cohen Amir-Aslani) also acted on the manufacturing factory acquisition and the transfer of over 175 employees.

Countries involved included France, Belgium, Germany Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Italy, Romania, Poland, Spain, Russia, Netherland, Slovakia, Latvia, Serbia, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine and Croatia.

Aspen Pharma acquires drugs from Merck for $1bn – England, Holland and France

Our English member (Gordon Dadds) acted for Aspen on an urgent due diligence exercise meeting a 4 day reporting deadline, reviewing over 150 documents and coordinating with the Dutch and French Globalaw member firms.

Acquisition by French Company – France and USA (Texas)

Texas USA member firm (Jackson Walker), closed the acquisition by a French company of the Dutch subsidiary of a U.S. company, listed on the NASDAQ Global Market. The acquisition was structured as a stock/share purchase, and the final purchase price was in the range of US$15-20 million.

This was the second time Jackson Walker had represented the French company working with one of our two French member firms (d’Ornano & Associes – Marseille) in connection with an acquisition, the first time being in connection with the purchase of a Utah corporation.  Jackson Walker quarterbacked the transaction and also engaged our Dutch member firm to act as local counsel on Dutch legal matters.

Large Real Estate M&A Acquisition – 6 jurisdictions

See the story “One of the larger transactions in Globalaw history” under the Real Estate section.

Acquisition Activity – Global

There are always a number of ongoing acquisitions and disposals of companies and/or their assets being referred between member firms.  Our England member has referred clients who have made acquisitions in numerous jurisdictions including USA, Germany and France.

Asset Preservation Orders – Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

When our Hong Kong member (Oldham, Li & Nie (OLN)), successfully obtained an assets preservation order from a Hong Kong court against a fraud perpetrator, they needed global assistance to trace the funds that had been wired from bank accounts in Hong Kong to other jurisdictions.

With the assistance of the Globalaw members in Taiwan (Shay & Partners) and Singapore (Kelvin Chia Partnership), OLN was able promptly to advise its client on the enforcement of the Hong Kong judgment and court order in other jurisdictions, and report the money-laundering activities to the local authorities.

The client of OLN were eventually able to obtain partial recovery of their monies lost in the fraudulent scheme.

Claim Dismissal – Hong Kong and USA (New York)

The relationship between Globalaw firms can require very quick action for a client.  Our Hong Kong member firm (Oldham, Li & Nie (OLN)) received papers Friday afternoon relating to a new action to be filed in New York on the following Monday. OLN quickly liaised with Garvey Schubert Barer (GSB) and the client was represented in court in the U.S. the following Monday and ultimately the case was dismissed.

The ongoing relationship between OLN & GSB, enables them to provide effective services to their clients and achieve ultimate success. Both firms are now acting together for one client in a multi-jurisdictional litigation in Hong Kong and New York respectively.

Recovering Judgments Overseas – England and Cyprus

When our English member (Gordon Dadds) obtained judgment in England in a number of cases against Cypriot nationals, it turned to Cyprus member, Pelaghias, Christodoulou Vrachas & Co, to obtain enforcement orders against them to recover the judgments obtained in London, which it did successfully.

Breach of Contract and Fraud in Japan – USA (Texas) and Japan

After a ten week jury trial, United States District Judge Edward C. Prado of the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division, entered a take nothing judgment in a case filed by San Antonio based Kaepa, Inc. against Tokyo based Achilles Corporation, a Japanese corporation which is a leading manufacturer and distributor of shows in Japan, and a maker of many industrial products.

Achilles was represented by our USA member firm in Texas (Jackson Walker) at the request of our Japanese member (Chuo Sogo Law Office).

International Discovery – USA (Texas) and Taiwan

A client of our USA (Texas) member (Jackson Walker) was engaged in litigation in the US and needed to obtain documents and other information held by two Taiwan companies.  Jackson Walker turned to Taiwan member (Shay & Partners) to assist in obtaining discovery against the Taiwanese companies by way of letters rogatory issued by the US court requesting international judicial assistance.   With Shay & Partners’ help, the letters rogatory were prepared and transmitted through the proper diplomatic channels to the Taiwanese district courts with jurisdiction over the target companies.

Commercial Agreement dispute – England, USA (New York), France and Poland

When Aspen Pharma, a world leading generic drugs company, had a problem with a specific agreement members in New York, Paris and Poland our English member (Gordon Dadds) assisted in achieving a great result for the firm. Having used a very large US law firm previously, Aspen expressed itself particularly satisfied with the services received.

The Power of Globalaw - 10 member firms respond to legal inquiry from Japan

A large multi-national Japanese client of our Japanese member (Chuo Sogo Law Office), contacted it with a narrowly-defined question of employment/labour law affecting a proposed global re-organisation of its subsidiaries in the following 10 jurisdictions: USA (California, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Texas), France, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The firm sent a request to 10 Globalaw member firms in the respective jurisdictions on 29 January and collected all 10 responses by 1 February: three days later.

While the question posed was narrowly-drawn, the replies the firm received were meticulously researched, often alerting the client of additional legal issues specific to a given jurisdiction. Needless to say, the client memorandum demonstrated to the client (and re-confirmed to the firm) the unique efficiency and reliability of our network.

Last but not least, no firm requested payment for the assistance – all work was completed under the 30 minute Free Time Policy.

Mexican Employment/Labour Law Judgment Overturned - Mexico and USA (Texas)

A client of USA (Texas) member firm (Jackson Walker) has operations in Mexico. A weekly payroll transfer to Mexico on a Friday was seized to satisfy a Mexican employment/labour law judgment of which the U.S. client was unaware. Jackson Walker contacted the Mexican Globalaw member for assistance. They were able to make alternative arrangements for payroll in Mexico within 24 hours, return the seized funds and reverse the judgment.

Senior Executive Contracts – global

Globalaw law firms are regularly asked to advise companies setting up in other jurisdictions for advice on creating the full range of documentation required to employ personnel in that and to advise on local employment/labour law issues.

Dismissals – global

Seeking advice on how to deal with dismissals of employees is a continuous occurrence between member firms around the network.

Pitch in USA by Australian Company – Australia and USA

When a client of our Sydney based member needed to establish a presence in the USA for the purpose of forming a consortium to bid for the right to become the Independent System Operator for the US south east regional electricity organisation, an American Globalaw member firm with extensive experience in the design of electricity markets and familiar with the regulators, the utilities and industry consultants, as well as being in a position to advise on incorporation, taxation and joint venture contracting, assisted in putting together the consortium and bid proposal.

Locating Beneficiaries - England and Ecuador

When an English family, a client of our English member (Gordon Dadds) sought to locate relatives in Ecuador to benefit from an intestate family death, the local firm in Ecuador (Perez Bustamente & Ponce) successfully identified living relatives within 10 minutes of the enquiry being made.

Sand to Singapore – Indonesia and Singapore

Our Indonesian member (Dyah Ersita & Partners) referred to our Philippines Globalaw member, one of its long standing and valued clients, a Norwegian company that is a designer, manufacturer and contractor in the field of offshore works worldwide.

The client had recently invented a new highly efficient system for seabed sand dredging utilizing high-powered pumps. The Norwegian company was interested in contracting with any Philippines company that has sizeable sand concessions in order to extract and transport sand to Singapore.

The Philippines firm provided a legal memorandum on permissions and relevant laws on the sand and gravel sector and also background information identifying potential partners for the Norwegian client.

Assistance Attaining Visas - Global

Globalaw firms are often called upon to assist with visa enquiries.

As an example when a U.S. employee of a client of our USA member in Texas (Jackson Walker) was injured in Bosnia and transferred to Germany, our German member firm was immediately contacted for assistance and obtained the required visa.

Internet Service Provider – USA, Slovenia and Italy

A client of our USA Texas member firm (Jackson Walker) who supplies internet and cable services across Europe and the Middle East was seeking multiple satellite relay locations in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, and parts of Turkey.

This request was communicated to Globalaw firms located near the desired geographical location and within two weeks of the initial request, the client was in touch with our Italian member firm, and Slovenian firm who assisted in site selection, site acquisition, site construction, and employment matters.

Licensing case - Mediation – Argentina and USA

A client of our USA Texas member firm (Jackson Walker), a Hicks-Muse affiliate and Muzak’s largest competitor, was adverse to five Latin Music labels in a high-stakes licensing issue. The mediation will take place in Buenos Aires with the help of Globalaw’s Argentina member firm.

Pumps Valves and Seals Open Philippines Market – China and Philippines

Our Chinese member (Yao Liang Law Shanghai), referred to our Philippines member, a US multinational company engaged in the manufacturing of pumps, valves and seals wanting to set up a legal presence in the Philippines as a branch.  Our Philippines firm provided legal advice on the requirements for setting up business in the Philippines to the client’s Asian GC.

Setting up in Brazil Mexico USA etc

Globalaw member firms have advised clients of other member firms frequently on all aspects of establishing a business/company in their jurisdiction.

Fundraising in another Jurisdiction – Italy and England

When a client of our Italian member firm (Carnelutti) client wanted to raise finance in England for an investment, it sent the fund raising document (memorandum) it had produced to our English member (Gordon Dadds) whose corporate department “topped and tailed it” so that it would comply with local legislation and provided advice as to how investment promotions could be legally conducted in England.

Development of Holiday Home – Hong Kong, and Indonesia

Our Hong Kong member firm (Oldham, Li & Nie (OLN)), acted for a property manager in Hong Kong court proceedings against the property owners for breach of a property management contract in Bali.

The contract was governed by Indonesian law, so OLN contacted our local member (Dyah Ersita & Partners) to assist.

Acquisition of Berlin Hotel – England and Germany

When a client of English member (Gordon Dadds) wanted to buy a hotel in Berlin, it called on Huth Dietrich Hahn one of our two German member firms to advise. An acquisition of the hotel followed at a price of €40m.

Disposal of Real Estate – Denmark and England

When Danish member firm (Mazanti-Andersen, Korso Jensen & Partners) acting for one of its high net worth clients, needed assistance for a client selling a valuable London property, it instructed Gordon Dadds (English member) to assist.  Advice provided included reporting on market conditions.

Acquisition of Major Real Estate Portfolio – England, Ukraine, Holland, Malta, Cyprus, Greece

Our English member (Gordon Dadds) was instructed to acquire a large property portfolio in Kiev for one of its clients.  The acquisition involved acquiring a Dutch partnership vehicle, creating an acquisition structure, and all corporate and real estate aspects in Holland and Ukraine.  A  European bank funded the transaction.

Gordon Dadds instructed member firms in Holland, Malta (Camilleri Preziosi), Cyprus (Pelaghias, Christodoulou Vrachas & Co), Ukraine (Marchenko Danevych) and worked closely with our Greek member firm (Vgenopoulos & Partners).  The transaction was successfully concluded and was one of the largest conventionally funded real estate transactions in Ukraine. The transaction involved seeking clearance from the Monopolies & Mergers Commission and a major re-structuring.

Sourcing Law Firms - Globally

Whilst there are currently 115 member firms in 88 countries, there are some places in the world where we do not have a member firm yet.  In such cases the nearest local firms are asked to make recommendations.

Macedonia Delivered

Our Hong Kong member firm (Oldham, Li & Nie (OLN)), received an enquiry from a client regarding a goods sold and delivered claim in Macedonia.

OLN immediately sent an email to all European members of Globalaw seeking their assistance in identifying a local firm and within one week, OLN had received 7 recommendations of Macedonian lawyers from Globalaw European members, including Bulgaria (Ilieva Voutcheva & Co) and Greece (Vgenopoulos & Partners), to name but two.  After contacting all of the recommendations, OLN engaged one of the recommended firms.

Jordan Delivered

Our Dubai member (Apex Juris) recently recommended a firm in Jordan for a firm in for a client of our English member (Gordon Dadds).


Sometimes Globalaw firms are conflicted in which case they are well placed to identify another appropriate firm in their jurisdiction.