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Powerling is happy to share with you some big news!

Have your highly confidential content translated on the Powerling Secure Translation Platform (PSTP)

First, we recently developed a web platform that aims at putting in place a secure translation process for confidential documents. Its main objective is to avoid any confidential data leaving Powerling’s secured IT infrastructure.

A standard admin interface has been designed to allow the creation of clients and projects with key functionalities:

Guaranteed anonymization of your data
To ensure your content’s safekeeping, a data anonymization process with an automatic and manual NER (Named Entity Recognition) has been designed. The anonymization engine is embedded in order to prevent any named entity to appear on the translator’s work. There is complete anonymization between the client and the translator: the translator will never know for which client he is working for.

The protection of your content
The web translation interface has restricted features. We developed a component to prevent the translator from extracting any content from the platform (e.g. no copy/paste, no text selection, no right-click). Around these components, a standard admin interface has been designed to allow for client and project creation.

A secured platform
Our solution is hosted in Powerling’s in-house data center to avoid any external data transfer. The IP address is dedicated and has strict firewall rules. This means that your content stays inside our infrastructure and is not present on the internet. This also ensures stricter compliance with the GDPR in its protection of personal data.

A certified high level of security
The project has been previously tested by the company NorthIT by a certified professional (CREST CPSA & CRT, Offensive security OSCP, OSCE & OSWE Certifications), which means that professional hackers could not access Powerling’s Secure Translation Platform.
Security is reinforced on authentication and data exchanges.

This web platform was developed with state-of-the-art technologies and is accessible for both small pieces of text or large volumes of content.
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Let’s start spring fresh and boost your content Secondly, Powerling has changed its graphic identity. We started the new year with a new logo made up of bright colors.

We designed a video to present it, check it out here!

Get your interpretation done remotely
Unlike translators who work with written communication, interpreters translate the spoken words authentically into various languages.
In a multilingual environment, this requires in-depth knowledge not only of the languages but also of the cultures represented. Interpreters strive to make multilingual meetings flow smoothly as if everyone were speaking the same language.
Powerling has in-depth experience interpreting throughout the European Union. Interpreters have at least five years of experience in their speciality fields and are fluent in both source- and target languages. We select our interpreters based on their knowledge of language and culture as well as their listening, comprehension, and formulation skills.

This service is accessible remotely to respect sanitary measures and barriers.

Your dedicated team
We have adapted our internal organization to fit better with your needs. You have three dedicated team members:

Anette van de Loo
for Eastern Europe
[email protected]

Sébastien Chochois
for the Americas
[email protected]

Valentine Antoine
for Asia and Southern Europe
[email protected]

Powerling has been a European leader in multi-lingual content management for more than 15 years.

We work together with our clients, as they develop on an international scale, to support them in their multicultural digital transformation.
Our job is to advise, translate, localize and integrate your content into more than 75 languages.

Together, we make the world your playground!