Globalaw’s Membership Committee evaluates the following criteria when reviewing a prospective member’s application:

  • Reputation
  • Size
  • Capability and commitment to delivery of quality advice and work product
  • Expertise in corporate, litigation, labour/employment, intellectual property, commercial and related tax matters
  • Location convenient for international commerce
  • Experience handling international referrals
  • Compatibility with existing members
  • Participation in network meetings and initiatives

Other than reputation, capability and commitment, all of the criteria are applied recognizing the differences between major international markets and countries not as active or strategic to international commerce. As the network was established as a non-exclusive network of independent firms, membership in only one network could be one indication of a firm’s commitment to the network.

However, exclusivity is not synonymous with commitment. In addition, exclusivity may unnecessarily inhibit the ability of the network to attract or retain members in certain jurisdictions.

All of the above criteria must be balanced with the “good faith” commitment set out in our members’ letter of understanding. Therefore, exclusivity is to be evaluated as a criteria for membership in the context of the broader goals of (i) commitment to the network and active participation therein, and (ii) compliance with the good faith obligation of our letter of understanding.

Each applicant discloses its membership in other networks or other formal arrangements which could reasonably negatively impact commitment to these goals. The existence of other arrangements is a significant factor in evaluating whether membership or continued membership is appropriate.