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Interesting facts about our network

Building tomorrow’s leaders

The Globalaw Leadership Programme (GLP), launched in 2012 as the Associate Leadership Programme, has been re-named and adapted in 2015 to encompass a wider audience of both junior and more seasoned young lawyers from Globalaw firms, not only limited to associates.

The 2015 programme year was launched with a face to face meeting at the European Regional Meeting (ERM) in Madrid, Spain, which was held from 26 to 28 March. This first face-to-face meeting has been essential to building relationships among participants and bringing them greater benefits from later sessions. The group will re-assemble at the Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in Charlotte, USA.

Globalaw Business Initiatives

Globalaw’s task forces and working groups are designed to share best practices among their members, identify and share business opportunities for firms and their clients and expand their combined service scope.

Globalaw currently active Initiatives include: Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Cross Border Labour, Dispute Resolution, High Net Worth, Intellectual Property, GlobalMine, Real Estate, and Renewables & Clean Tech.

The members of these Initiatives attend industry events with a Globalaw booth, organize meetings and receptions in connection with major Conferences in their respective industry fields that they attend with other Globalaw members together with their clients.

Globalaw Exchange Programme

Sharing lawyer and firm expertise for a stronger network

Enhancing cooperation between firms, Offering further cultural understanding, Generating new business opportunities

Globalaw Free Time Policy

Globalaw Foundation