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About the Foundation

First proposed in 2012 by the Globalaw Leadership Programme, and subsequently endorsed by the Globalaw Executive Committee, the Globalaw Foundation is now established as a separate legal entity.

The Foundation operates under the aegis of Globalaw; a global network of over 80 law firms located in 60 countries, dedicated to providing clients with high-quality legal services. Globalaw was created in 1994. It is owned by its members and is a non-profit making organization.

The directors of the Globalaw Foundation include former Globalaw presidents, Executive Committee members and previous participants in the Globalaw Leadership Programme and come from Globalaw member firms from across the world. The Foundation, in the spirit of Globalaw, does not confine itself to any geographic area and carries out its activities across the world.

The Globalaw Foundation is funded through a combination of donations from Globalaw member firms, and funds raised at events hosted and supported by Globalaw.


The Globalaw Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for worthy charitable causes. In honour of one of our founding members, Zvi Tamir, (Israel) who passed away in 2015, we adopted one of the causes dearests to him, assisting young people to access justice.

The Foundation Committee sought to identify charitable organisations whose goals are to:

  1. Make legal services accessible for the disadvantaged.
  2. Help deserving students obtain a legal education and training.

The Globalaw Foundation supports access to justice for those who would otherwise be denied it for financial or other reasons. Nobody should be denied the right to legal representation or education in the law due to financial constraints or other factors outside of their control.


As the Globalaw Foundation operates under the aegis of Globalaw, all funding ideas, as well as charitable causes identified by the Foundation, are placed before the Board, for ratification.

 Funding Disadvantaged Indian Law Students

One of the first initiatives of the Globalaw Foundation has been supporting IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access). IDIA is an Indian charity that empowers underprivileged communities by assisting members of their community to access the highest levels of legal study by providing essential funding. By so doing IDIA enhances diverse access to justice.

Globalaw is delighted to be funding the cost of 2017 applications and entrance exams for students in its programme, fees that represent a real impediment to progress, without external assistance.

A presentation was made by IDIA at the Mumbai Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 2017 during where IDIA presented its work. Attending delegates were enthusiastic about this brilliant cause.

Continuing efforts to raise funds

Globalaw held its European Regional Meeting in Warsaw April 20-22, 2017.  During the gala dinner a charitable auction was held, including generous donations received for a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon and an exclusive view of Monaco’s Formula 1 perching on a balcony overlooking the circuit. Both these items were generously donated to bolster the purse of the Globalaw Foundation. The auction raised €4,250.

The Foundation will continue charitable auctions at its upcoming meetings. Local and regional charities serving the above-mentioned mission will be identified as recipients for the entirety of the funds collected.

Foundation Contact

If you would like any further information regarding the Globalaw Foundation or would like to provide funding to the Foundation, please contact the Globalaw Foundation Chair, Marco Bolognini, at [email protected]