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The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic raise significant legal challenges.

To assist members and clients, Globalaw has created a COVID-19 Resource Centre. This resource brings together COVID-19 legal content from across the world as it is produced by our members. All of our COVID-19 content is free to access.

We are here to help. Please reach out to any one of our lawyers for advice: Directory of Members.

Member Firms Legal Content


09/09/2020 – Definition and Innovation of the Rules Applicable to Companies – Conversion of Provisional Measure n. 931/2020 into Law n. 14.030/2020


08/07/2020 – D.A. Taylor (Almeida Adv.) – The STAR Program – A Case Study of Brazilian Antitrust Agency Competing Company Antitrust Exception during the COVID-19 Pandemic

07/07/2020 – The Emergency and Transitory Legal Framework for Private Law Legal Relations (RJET) During the COVID-19 Pandemic


05/05/2020 – In the midst of excess we confront scarcity

05/05/2o20 – The alternative of the appeal bond for confronting the economic crisis provoked by COVID-19

05/05/2020 – COVID-19 Postponement of the collection of federal taxes

05/05/2020 – Provisional Measure no. 931 

04/29/2020 –  What is invisible begins to disappear

04/29/2020 –  COVID-19 Provisional Measure no. 948-2020 and the impact on the tourism sector

04/29/2020 – COVID-19 Provisional Measure no. 945 establishes immediate measures for the port sector in the combat against the pandemic

04/29/2020 – COVID-19 the federal government announces tax measures to mitigate the financial impact of the coronavirus

04/29/2020 –  How your company should act in light of the flexibility granted employer obligations proposed in the provisional measure

04/27/2020 – The Coronavirus crisis and its impact on the fragile economic situation of Brazilian companies short to medium term repercussions


04/08/2020 – COVID-19 REPORT April 7 2020

03/30/2020 – COVID-19 REPORT

USA - Massachusetts

30/06/2021 – CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Enforcement Actions on the Rise

30/06/2021 – New COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Requirements for Long-term Care Facilities

17/05/2021 – COBRA Premium Subsidy Notices under American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

21/04/2021 – COVID-19 Vaccination Policies: What to Know

18/03/2021 – Are VC-Backed Female Founder Companies Disproportionately Impacted by the Pandemic?

16/03/2021 – What Employers Need to Know About the American Rescue Plan of 2021

01/12/2020 – SBA Issues New Guidance on First and Second Draw PPP Loans

12/23/2020 – New Coronavirus Relief Package includes Second Draw PPP Loans and Changes to Existing PPP Loans

12/22/2020 – COVID-19 Vaccination Policies: EEOC Weighs In

12/09/2020 – Impact of COVID-19 on Leases

12/09/2020 – Impact of COVID-19 on Purchase and Sale Agreements

12/09/2020 – Impact of COVID-19 on Loan Documents

11/18/2020 – Federal Reserve Expands Scope of Main Street Lending Program

11/02/2020 – SBA Seeks Approval of New PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaire for Borrowers of $2 Million or More

10/26/2020 – Connecticut Phase 3 Reopening and Potential Municipal Variation

10/15/2020 – Land Use and Other Considerations for Addition of Drive-Throughs and Contactless Pick-Up

08/07/2020 – PPP Alert: How M&A Activity Will Affect an Outstanding PPP Loan

08/31/2020 – DOL Updates FAQs on FFCRA Back to School Issues

08/26/2020 – SBA Creates Exception to Owner-Employee Compensation Rule, Clarifies Eligibility of Certain Nonpayroll Costs for Forgiveness

08/06/2020 – SBA Releases New FAQs on PPP Loan Forgiveness – Key Takeaways for Borrowers

08/04/2020 – Federal Reserve Releases Terms of Main Street Facilities for Nonprofit Organizations

07/06/2020 – Congress Extends Deadline to Apply for Paycheck Protection Program Loans

06/24/2020 – SBA Releases Updated PPP Loan Forgiveness Applications and Instructions, Amends Existing Rules Based on PPPFA – Key Takeaways for Borrowers

06/22/2020 – Enforcement Will Not Go by the Wayside During the Pandemic

06/17/2020 – Federal Reserve Opens Lender Registration for Main Street Lending Program and Announces Main Street Loan Options for Nonprofit Organizations

06/11/2020 – Federal Reserve Further Revises and Expands Main Street Lending Program for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

06/10/2020 – New Paycheck Protection Program Law Provides Greater Flexibility for Borrowers

06/03/2020 – U.S. House Passes Bill to Provide Greater Flexibility in Paycheck Protection Program

05/27/2020 – New SBA Guidance on PPP Loan Forgiveness and Review of Forgiveness Applications

05/22/2020 – Reopening Massachusetts — A Four-Phased Approach

05/20/2020 – Expedited Approval for Outdoor Permits Just in Time for Connecticut’s Re-Opening

05/22/2020 – Increases in Paycheck Protection Loan Amounts for Partnerships and Seasonal Employers

05/19/2020 – SBA Releases PPP Loan Forgiveness Application – Key Takeaways and Instructions for Borrowers

05/14/2020 – House Democrats Propose Significant Changes to Paycheck Protection Program in New $3 Trillion Stimulus Bill

05/14/2020 – Paycheck Protection Program: SBA, Extends Deadline to 5/18 and Issues New Guidance on “Necessity of the Loan” Certification

05/13/2020 – Federal Reserve Revises and Expands Main Street Lending Program For Small and Mid-sized Businesses

05/06/2020 – IRS Blesses “Dial-In” TEFRA Hearings and Enhances Bond Self Purchase Guidance in Light of COVID-19 Emergency

05/06/2020 – Paycheck Protection Program: Deadline Extended to 5/14, Updated Guidance on Other Sources of Liquidity

05/05/2020 – SBA Issues New FAQ Clarifying Effect of Employees Who Won’t Return to Work on Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness

04/28/2020 – CDC Adds Six New Symptoms to its COVID-19 List

04/27/2020 – Preparing for Returns to Work and Workplace Reopening’s: Considerations for Employers

04/27/2020 – Paycheck Protection Program: Updated Guidance on Other Sources of Liquidity

04/21/2020 – Law Enforcement Focus on the Health Care and Senior Living Industries During COVID-19

04/16/2020 – Federal Reserve Announces Main Street Lending Program for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

04/16/2020 – New Paycheck Protection Program Rules for Self-Employed Individuals; SBA Announces No More New PPP or EIDL Applications Due to Exhaustion of Funding

04/16/2020 – Massachusetts Act Regarding a Moratorium on Commercial and Residential Evictions During COVID-19

04/10/2020 – State Legislatures Considering Bills to Extend Business Interruption Coverage for Coronavirus Losses

04/08/2020 – SBA Issues Interim Final Rule for Paycheck Protection Program: Key Takeaways for Your Loan Application

04/09/2020 – CDC Publishes New Interim Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Workers

04/09/2020 – Overview of the DOL Guidance and Regulations on the

04/09/2020 – SBA Issues Affiliate Rules for Paycheck Protection Program

04/09/2020 – SBA Issues Interim Final Rule for Paycheck Protection Program: Key Takeaways for Your Loan Application

04/09/2020 – CARES Act and Interagency Guidance Encourage Loan Modifications Related to COVID-19

04/09/2020 – Non-Liquidating Receivership Option for Rhode Island Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

04/09/2020 – Payroll Loans and Loan Forgiveness: New Relief Opportunities for Small Businesses under the CARES Act’s Paycheck Protection Program

04/09/2020 – Executive Orders in Connecticut Suspend and Modify Public Hearing Procedures

04/09/2020 – What You Need to Know About the CARES Act Employee Benefits-related Provisions

04/09/2020 – How to Handle a Bankruptcy Filing By an Owner or Subcontractor

04/09/2020 – Tax Breaks and Benefits for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

04/09/2020 –  State Legislatures Considering Bills to Extend Business Interruption Coverage for Coronavirus Losses

04/03/2020 – Interview with the New England Real Estate Journal about the impact of CV-19 to the commercial real estate industry

03/25/2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Team

USA - Texas

11/12/2020 – EEOC Likely to Allow Employers to Require Vaccination; The Holiday Workplace During COVID-19

10/29/2020 – COVID-19 Updates: El Paso and Lubbock Roll Back Reopenings; Labor & Employment Law Symposium

10/21/2020 – Employers Face Unique Legal Questions During Pandemic; CMS Expands List of Telehealth Services Covered by Medicare

10/08/2020 – Certain Texas Bars Permitted to Open Soon; Webinar on Providing Flexibility in Trust Agreements

10/02/2020 – Austin-Travis County Suspend Evictions Through 2020; Health Insurers Continue Payment Parity for Telehealth

10/01/2020 – Texas Assists Tenants at Risk of Eviction; View Our Webinar on 2021 Benefit Plans Decisions

09/17/2020 – Governor Abbott Loosens Restrictions on Businesses, Hospital Capacity, and Nursing Home Visitation Policies

09/16/2020 – Revised FFCRA Regulations Now in Effect; Fast Takes on the CDC’s Residential Evictions Moratorium

09/03/2020 – Texas Bars File Suit; Federal Eviction Moratorium Broadened; CMS Implements Stricter Testing Regulations

09/02/2020 – New Guidance on Tracking Hours “Actually Worked”; Harris County Extends Mask Order; Fast Takes on Rise in FLSA Lawsuits

09/03/2020 – Texas Bars File Suit; Federal Eviction Moratorium Broadened; CMS Implements Stricter Testing Regulations

08/26/2020 – New CISA 4.0 Guidance; TABC Emergency Amendments; Fast Takes on Data Privacy

08/20/2020 – Expanded Main Street Lending Program; Fast Takes on Bankruptcy Prepack Plans

08/17/2020 – Austin-Travis County Orders Extended; Telemedicine on the Rise; Houston-Area Eviction Filings

08/11/2020 – Payroll Tax Relief and Developments in Retirement Plans and Benefits; Status of Moratorium on Evictions

08/03/2020 –Federal Court Strikes Down Parts of FFCRA Regulations; No One-Size-Fits-All Rules for Business in the Pandemic

07/22/2020 – New IRS Guidance on Provider Relief Funds; US Immigration and Travel Changes; Fast Takes on School Reopening Plans

07/15/2020 –  New Emergency Rules in Austin; SBA Ends Disaster Loan Program, But Extends PPP Deadline; Fast Takes on Chapter 15 Bankruptcy

07/09/2020 – OSHA Updates Pandemic Guidance; Elective Surgeries Suspended; Upcoming Webinars

07/07/2020 – Austin and Harris County Issue Updated Orders; Coronavirus-Related Lawsuits; E&P Bankruptcies

07/02/2020 – Telemedicine Fraud During COVID-19; San Antonio and Bexar County Impose New Restrictions; Employment Visas Suspended

06/30/2020 – New Restrictions to Slow the Spread; Laredo Reinstates Stay-at-Home Order; Fast Takes on State & Local Mandates

06/26/2020 – New Restrictions to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in Texas; Fast Takes on State Travel Restrictions

06/25/2020 – Elective Surgeries Banned in Four Texas Counties; Local Mandates; Overview of Coronavirus Relief Guidance

06/23/2020 –  US Extends Immigration Hold; Austin Revises Face Masks Order; Patients Are at Risk of Data Theft

06/22/2020 –  Return-to-Work Guidance for Non-Essential Businesses; Harris County Issues Face Masks Order; PPP Loan Applications Due June 30

06/19/2020 – Dallas County, El Paso, & Harris County Health & Safety Policies; Fast Takes on Residential Evictions

06/18/2020 – Expanded Main Street Lending Program; Austin Requires Health & Safety Policies

06/17/2020 – PPP Loan Forgiveness; Bexar County Requires Health & Safety Policies

06/05/2020 – Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Of 2020; Emergency Stay of Mail-In Ballot Order

06/04/2020 – Texas Reduces Coronavirus Restrictions; USCIS Resumes Premium Processing; Fast Takes on Creditor Considerations

05/28/2020 – New Guidance on PPP Loan Forgiveness; Fast Takes on Bankruptcy & Restructurin

05/27/2020 – Status of Eviction Orders in Texas; CISA 3.1 Revives Agriculture Industry

05/21/2020 – Governor Abbott’s Newest Executive Orders; Fast Takes on Oil Patch Lawsuits

05/18/2020 – Next Phase of Open Texas Plan; PPP Loan Forgiveness; Fast Takes on Medical Rules

05/13/2020 – PPP Good-Faith Certifications, Guidance on Employee Benefit Plans, Fast Takes on Reopening

05/12/2020 – Reopening After Lockdown; SALSA Seeks Volunteers to Aid Front-Line Workers

05/06/2020 – Abbott Announces Plans to Reopen Additional Businesses; “Returning to Work” Webinar

05/01/2020 – Texas Begins Reopening Businesses; “Returning to Work” Webinar; Fast Takes on Phase One

04/29/2020 –  CARES Act Enforcement; Fast Takes on Black Swan Events

04/28/2020 – Overview of Phase One Steps to Open Texas; Upcoming “Returning to Work”

04/27/2020 – Texas to Begin Opening Friday; New CARES Act Guidance; Estate Planning Still Matters

04/23/2020 – DSHS Guidance to Reopen Texas; Who’s Impacted by Immigration Ban; Fast Takes on Courts Using Zoom

04/21/2020 –  New OSHA Guidance, Fast Takes on M&A, Plunging Oil Prices, and “Into the Wild” Webinar

04/20/2020 – Governor’s Office Solicits Input on Return-to-Work Plans, Fast Takes on Telehealth Policies

04/17/2020 – Reopening Texas Economy, Cameras in Court Proceedings, Fast Takes on Estate Planning

04/15/2020 – Eligibility Restrictions for PPP Loans, RRC Considers Comments, Fast Takes on Privacy Rules

04/13/2020 – Texas Small Business Loan Fund, CARES Act Lending Programs, COVID-19 Telehealth Program Updates

04/09/2020 –  Labor & Employment FAQ Updates, Emergency Order on Consumer Debt, Fast Take on Landlord-Tenant Issues

04/10/ 2020 – COVID-19 & Your Buisness: News & Insights From Texas & Beyond

04/08/2020 – Updates on SBA Loans, Market-Demand Prorationing, CMS Actions

04/07/2020 – Texas Healthcare Workforce Expands, Travel Restrictions Update, CARES Act & Tax Relief

04/06/2020 – Immigration Considerations, FFCRA Update, Texas Franchise Tax Filing Extension

03/05/2020 – Jackson Walker Webinar – Coronavirus, Your Business, and What You Need to Know

04/03/2020 – SBA Guidance on Lending, DOL Regulations on Leave, Fast Takes on Tax & More

04/01/2020 – Small Business Lending, Fast Takes on CARES Act and Governor’s Order, JW’s Telemedicine Webinar

03/31/2020 –  Gov. Abbott Issues New Order, Fast Takes on Price Gouging, Medicare Receives Financial Support

03/31/2020 – COVID-19 & Your Business: Frequent Questions

03/30/2020 – 5 Fast Takes on FFCRA & Employers, The Changing Healthcare Landscape, Texas Orders

03/27/2020 –  The CARES Act, Texas Regulatory Developments, and Updated Shelter Orders

03/26/2020 –  Paid Leave Guidance for Employers, Texas Increases Healthcare Capacity, Work From Home Podcast

03/25/2020 – March 25: Texas Comptroller Offers Hotline for Struggling Businesses

03/24/2020 – March 24: New Stay at Home Orders Issued, FFCRA Webinar Q&A Responses

03/23/2020 – Employer Tools & Additional Relief, Texas Delays Elections, IRS Extends Deadlines

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

09/16/2020 – Client Alert 24: Buying a house to renovate and resell

09/01/2020 – Client Alert 23: Real Estate taxation in Spain

08/25/2020 – Client Alert 22: Notes about taxation for non-resident Real Estate owners in Spain

08/05/2020 – Client Alert 21: Spain’s impatriates tax regime

08/03/2020 – Client Alert 20: New procedure for obtaining residency for British citizens in Spain due to “Brexit”

07/28/2020 – Client Alert 19: Special scheme for entities engaged in home rental

07/18/2020 – Client Alert 18: Notes about The Spanish GOLDEN VISA program expedites entry into Europe

05/21/2020 – Client Alert 17: What happens with the Residence Permits? Are they extended?

05/19/2020 – Client Alert 16: Social measures in defense of employment

05/07/2020 – Client Alert 15: Intra-European Community operations: ¿Are they VAT exempt?

05/05/2020 – Client Alert 14: Conditions for the opening to the public of certain retail shops and services, as well as for the practice of professional and federated sports

05/04/2020 – Client Alert 13: New measures to give continuity to the judicial activity

04/30/2020 – Client Alert 12 Measures approved about Bankrupcy Law and Corporate Law due to COVID-19

04/24/2022 – Client-Alert-11.-Moratorium-on-monthly-rent-payments-for-non-residential-leases.

04/17/2020 – 200417. MES. Client Alert 10

04/17/2020 – 200415. MES. Cliente alert 8 (RD487) con anexo

04/17/2020 – 200415. MES, client alert 9. participative loans

04/17/2020 – 200407. MES. CLient Alert 6 (credit line)

04/07/2020 – Newsletter – Globalaw – Covid19-Spain. Update I

03/30/2020 – Newsletter – Globalaw – Covid19-Spain

03/27/2020 – COVID-19- Local Taxes and State Taxes

03/27/2020 – COVID-19 – Actions and Possible Measures in Labor Matters Under the Interruption of Economic Activity

03/27/2020 – COVID-19 – Impact On Commercial Contracts, Force Majeure and Rebus Sic Stantibus

03/23/2020 – Brief Comments COVID-19 Force Majeure

The Netherlands

04/20/2020 – Use of Binding Corporate Rules for Transfer of Personal Data Abroad As per the Law on Protection of Personal Data

04/19/2020 – Information Note on the Law Regarding the Reduction of the Effects of the New Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economic and Social Life and the Law Regarding Amending Certain Legislation

04/18/2020 – Info Note Regarding Limitation on Termination of Employees Unpaid Leave Right and Developments in Short Time Working

04/13/2020 –   Information Note on the Effect Of COVID-19 on Banking Transactions

04/09/2020 – Evaluation of the Effect of COVID-19 to the Collective Labor Agreement Process

04/06/2020 –  COVID-19 Turkey Alert re. Immigration

04/01/2020 –  Amendments to Execution and Bankruptcy Law and Procedural Law Brought About  By Law

04/01/2020 – Amendments on Bounced Checks Protested Bonds Credit and Credit Card Debts Brought About By Law

03/27/2020 – Info Note on Amendments on Labor Legislation within the Scope of COVID-19

03/27/2020 – Memorandum Regarding Temporary Regulation Introduced with Regards to Workplace Lease Agreements as per the Law

03/25/2020 – Information Note Regarding the Decision on the Suspension of the Execution and Bankruptcy Proceedings

03/24/2020 – Info Note on Short Time Working

03/22/2020 – Information Note Regarding General Assembly and Electronic Meetings of Companies

03/19/2020 – Info Note on Economic Stability Shield Package

03/18/2020 – Information on Coronavirus COVID-19/

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