Through its members, located all around the globe, Globalaw supports various social and cultural projects.

Whether related to its Foundation, its Leadership Program or promoting Diversity, Globalaw and its members are covering various aspects related to CSR.

Globalaw Foundation

Last year, we set up the Globalaw Foundation, the class project of our first GLP programme and in our first year, it has been more successful than we dreamed possible. We have, in our first year, attracted numerous voluntary contributions from member firms around the world.

In addition, at each regional Meeting, we have held an auction for donated items. We have selected a local charity and made a meaningful donation and presentation. To learn more visit the Globalaw Foundation webpage.

Our theme for the year has been “Access to Justice”, so in Mumbai we donated a year of professional exam fees to poor law students in India and in Bogota, we have funded a charity to provide an entire day of mediation in three main cities, enabling resolution of disputes in an affordable speedy and binding manner.


As a truly global organization, Globalaw experiences the benefits of a workforce with varied backgrounds on a daily basis and we are therefore committed to build relations throughout the world between people of all different backgrounds.

Through the Globalaw Exchange Program we encourage intercultural exchanges of lawyers throughout the world whereas the Globalaw Leadership Program (GLP) underlines the importance we place on training young lawyers in international settings. The GLP is designed to inspire individuals for future leadership in the network and the legal profession in a cross-cultural environment.

Through Globalaw Foundation we have, for instance, supported students from underrepresented communities in getting through law-school and getting professional experience at reputable law firms. Globalaw is committed to increasing diversity in the profession as well as in our own organization.

Through the Globalaw Women Lawyers Initiative we have created a community for female lawyers around the globe to share experiences, to network and to socialize. The senior female lawyers of such group mentor junior women associates and the group have put together events and outings to discuss experiences, challenges and circumstances unique to women attorneys. Creating and sustaining diversity is a continuing, worthwhile challenge and we have chosen not to be indifferent. As a result of these endeavors the percentage of women lawyers in the leadership of Globalaw has grown rapidly [and its aim is to have at least 30% women lawyers in leadership position in 2020] The importance of diversity is also shared by many of our members.

Globalaw Leadership Programme


The Globalaw Leadership Programme (GLP) underlines the importance we place on training young lawyers. The programme is designed to inspire individuals for future leadership in the network and the legal profession in a cross-cultural environment.

The 2017 programme year was launched during the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) in Mumbai, India. This first face-to-face meeting was essential to building relationships among participants and bringing greater benefits from later sessions. The group will re-assemble at the Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in London, England from 25-28 October.

Our member firms and network growth comes from responding to client needs both on a local and global level. By leading business development initiatives internationally both within firms and within Globalaw, we are better positioned to achieve the growth desired.

More about the GLP here.