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Board of Directors

As of 16 November 2020, the Directors of the Board of Globalaw, for the 2020-2021 term, as approved, appointed and elected by the Membership Committee and henceforth the members at the Annual Members Meeting held online are:

  • Julia M.I. Holden-Davis
    Julia M.I. Holden-DavisPRESIDENT

    Region: Americas

  • Thomas Aardenburg
    Thomas AardenburgTREASURER

    Soliana, Bonapart & Aardenburg
    Region: Americas

  • Bryan C. Birkeland
    Bryan C. BirkelandBOARD MEMBER

    Jackson Walker LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Marco Bolognini
    Marco BologniniBOARD MEMBER

    MAIO Legal
    Region: European

  • Peter Brown
    Peter BrownBOARD MEMBER

    Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Andre de Almeida
    Andre de AlmeidaBOARD MEMBER

    Almeida Advogados
    Region: Americas

  • David DeBenedetti
    David DeBenedettiBOARD MEMBER

    DeBenedetti Majewski Szczesniak
    Region: European

  • Talal El Makkawi
    Talal El MakkawiBOARD MEMBER

    APEX JURIS Advocates & Legal Consultants
    Region: European

  • Oussama Fraikech
    Oussama FraikechBOARD MEMBER

    Fraikech Associés
    Region: European

  • Oliver Foerster
    Oliver FoersterBOARD MEMBER

    Huth Dietrich Hahn
    Region: European

  • Michael Hatchwell
    Michael HatchwellBOARD MEMBER

    Child & Child
    Region: European

  • Clay Hix

    Hill, Farrer & Burrill LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Pornprom Karnchanachari
    Pornprom KarnchanachariBOARD MEMBER

    Legal Advisory Council
    Region: Asia Pacific

  • Michael Y. Lateef
    Michael Y. LateefBOARD MEMBER

    Hanson Bridgett LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Shannon Nessier
    Shannon NessierBOARD MEMBER

    Hanson Bridgett LLP
    Region: Americas

  • Alexandra Pelaghias-Christodoulou
    Alexandra Pelaghias-ChristodoulouBOARD MEMBER

    Pelaghias, Christodoulou
    Vrachas LLC

    Region: European

  • Mauricio Pinzon
    Mauricio PinzonBOARD MEMBER

    Pinzon Pinzon & Asociados
    Region: Americas

  • Arthur Shay
    Arthur ShayBOARD MEMBER

    Shay & Partners
    Region: Asia Pacific

  • Roberto Sparano
    Roberto SparanoBOARD MEMBER

    Quorum – Studio Legale e Tributario Associato
    Region: European

  • Bahar Ulgen
    Bahar UlgenBOARD MEMBER

    Bener Law Office
    Region: European

  • Georg Umbricht
    Georg UmbrichtBOARD MEMBER

    Umbricht Attorneys
    Region: European